Preparation for a Survey

In order to efficiently examine your vessel a surveyor needs access to all compartments and inspection ports. A little time spent house keeping will save you time and additional expenses.


An orderly cabin and remove unnecessary equipment aboard your vessel will expedite the survey process. If an out-of-the-water inspection has been requested, you will need to make arrangements with the boat yard to haul out the vessel. The price of a haul out is not included in a survey quote. If a sea trial has been requested, you will need to be prepared to operate the vessel or retain a captain. A surveyor will not operate your vessel during a sea trial. Paper work can be time consuming, have the ships papers organized for your marine surveyor.

The boat surveyor may need visual access behind interior ceilings, cabinets, headliners, cabin soles, etc. in order to inspect various systems. Removal and inspection of below-the-waterline fasteners on wood vessels may also be required. Any dismantling and re-installation of the vessel’s interior is not the responsibility of the surveyor. A qualified person, present at the time of survey should be prepared to provide any needed inspection access.

A work order will be arranged to provide an agreed upon quote and provide authorization for the surveyor from the boat owner to enter a marina and board the vessel.